"The Mermaid Appeal" Paused

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Work on The Mermaid Appeal has been put on hold at the moment, finances have been tight. Too much work has been done on the project, and it would be a crime to stop it now.

My priority at the moment is to get more money coming in. Once I have a stream of cash, then work will continue on the project.


Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Mermaid Appeal

The Mermaid Appeal is the current project in the works.
A brief overview is that its based on the Screen Antics Johnny Castaway screensaver, we're realising Johnny in 3D, Johnny is the only character that, we're being true to the original with.

We will rejuvenate some of the original scenes into our version, however we are NOT recreating the original, our storyline has a full back story which is finished, a proper storyline, and is realised in 3D, and presented in the way of a film.

The production of The Mermaid Appeal is progressing at a slow rate, due to other commitments and projects all team members are undertaking.

This being said, progress is being made, after 3 different versions of the storyline being written, I have taken on a script writer to do the job. Most of the environments are near completion, and the key characters, are pretty much done.

The plan so far is to have 3 episodes that have 4 days between loops, unless the viewer decides to watch them again, once the episode has finished the main character, John, will mill about the island all day, living through comical scenario's.